REC Membership

If you are looking to engage with a recruitment company either as a candidate or as an employer, always look for one that is an REC member.

Synergem Recruitment is a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and is committed to the best practices at all times. We will ensure that your whole recruiting process adheres to all legal requirements and best practice.

Employer Benefits:

As REC members, we must prove that we are fully compliant with the law and must abide by a Code of Professional Practice – Synergem Recruitment must pass a compliance test every two years to continue being members.

It is also a condition that we have a complaints policy and procedure in place, and as members we are subject to the REC’s disciplinary and complaints procedure if the agency fails to live up to its promise under the Code.

Candidate Benefits:

We realise that as a candidate looking to move jobs, this is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make – jobs transform lives! Quite often, people don’t understand their rights at work or when looking for a job and this could mean they risk accepting inappropriate or even unlawful situations at work and when work-seeking. Workers who understand their rights make for a more engaged, powerful and satisfied workforce. As members of the REC, we understand our responsibilities and protect our workers.

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