5 Interview Questions you Have to Nail

There are some questions which are so commonly asked that they have become somewhat of a cliche, but as they are so commonly used you need to use this as an opportunity to differentiate yourself.
Tell me about yourself:
The most common opening questioning during the interview process, yet still one many people get wrong.  If you are not ready for this one you shouldn’t be in the interview.
Some tips:
  • It is a job interview so focus on your career first & foremost, leave the personal stuff to the end of the interview
  • Be prepared to your story over the course of 30 minutes and ensure you have practised doing so at least once
  • Tell your story in chronological order
  • Print out your CV and make some note in advance highlighting which roles you would like to discuss in detail and the ones which you wish to cover quickly as they are not as relevant for the role you are interviewing for
Strengths & Weaknesses?
Although some what of a cliche question, avoid the cliche answers.  Everyone is unique and you will know your strengths and weaknesses, base your answer on the truth, it stands out a mile when you don’t.
Remember this question is not about identifying but about how you have mitigated your weaknesses and taken advantage of your strengths, be prepared to give an example of how you have used both your strength and weakness to your advantage, even better to the advantage of your employer.
Why are you the best candidate for this job?
This is about mirroring the job description and ensuring you have prepared well for the interview and can illustrate you know the job description well.  Read through the job description and read through your own CV highlighting the common content and the elements which will make you unique for this role.
Why do you want to work here?
Again ensure you have done your home work and have a suitable and succinct answer prepared in advance.  To help with this read through their company website, particularly their news pages.  Review their social media presence, particularly LinkedIn and find out what kind of people of worked there.  Search for the person who is interviewing you, I am sure they have searched for you.
Even if these commonly asked questions do not come up in your next interview, preparing appropriately will give you confidence and improve your interview performance.

2 thoughts on “5 Interview Questions you Have to Nail

  1. Charles Morgan on Reply

    I read an article some months ago which mentioned that research in America has revealed that the best time to be selected for an appointment is to be interviewed on a Tuesday morning at 10.30 am. Going to an interview late on a Friday afternoon is useless for both parties.
    What is the best time in the north of England?

    1. Daniel Watts on Reply

      Personally I think the timing should become irrelevant if the candidate prepares well & delivers within the interview.

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