The contingency recruitment business model has become outdated and unfit for purpose. Engaging with multiple agencies prior to the internet and social media made sense to ensure market penetration by utilising multiple databases and therefore multiple recruiters in your search for the best candidates.
However we now live in a more transparent age and there has been a huge reduction in the difference and exclusivity of recruiters databases.  The key differential factor now is not the candidate databases but the quality of the recruitment process.  Appointing multiple agencies not only increases your work load but it can have a negative impact on the quality of your recruitment process.
Our approach is designed to deliver quality and save you time and money by getting the recruitment right first time.
Focus on Speed at the Cost of Quality:
As soon as you engage with multiple agencies you create a situation where speed becomes more important than quality and each recruiter has to ensure they are the first to provide you with a candidate’s details and CV.  This becomes the number one priority for a recruiter in competition on a role, quality and the selection becomes secondary.
The result is a bun fight for candidates, instead of receiving three of the best candidates on the market for the role you become swamped in CV’s sent to try and block the competing recruiter from sending a potential candidate.
Simply Too Much Selling:
Have you ever experienced a successful recruitment process only to find out that the candidate you have had high hopes for is nothing like what you expected?
Unfortunately this can happen all too often, as there can be too much selling during the recruitment process:
The client selling the position and the company
The candidates selling their experience
The recruiters selling their candidates
We believe there is a better way.
The selling should be conducted and completed at the beginning of the process, not throughout it.  Once you have selected a trusted partner to complete your recruitment, they need to move from a sales process to a selection process where consultancy rather than sales comes to the fore.
Once you have established a trusted partnership relationship with your recruiter, who understands your business and the type of people who succeed within your organisation, your recruitment process will make a huge step change in the quality of candidates you employ.
If you would like to improve the quality of your recruitment, whilst saving both time and money, we would love to hear from you
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